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Pulse Home Health Care practices skilled health care procedures firmly rooted in the latest research and best practice policies. We routinely mail bulletins to physicians and other medical referral sources to highlight how we help patients and to explain the scientific basis for different services. On our home health website we share selected physician bulletins about Pulse's Home Health Services. If you have questions about how home health could help you, please contact us today.

Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Home Health Website ArticlesThe neurological damage caused by multiple sclerosis can manifest as a variety of symptoms and challenges.  Over a lifetime, optimal management of multiple sclerosis necessitates a multidisciplinary team like few other conditions.  With one phone call to Pulse Home Health Care, you can align for your homebound patients the expertise of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses, and medical social workers.  Inasmuch as a patient’s experience with multiple sclerosis (MS) changes over time, it would be reasonable to expect that one patient might need multiple home health episodes for MS management in a lifetime. 


Research suggests disability and handicap determine quality of life for patients with MS more than functional deficits and disease progression.1  In other words, for patients with MS, quality of life is not just about the challenges multiple sclerosis presents, but it is more about a patient’s ability to use strength, balance, tools, and compensatory techniques to overcome those challenges.  Dr. Calabresi, of Johns Hopkins, writes that physical therapy should always be considered among the MS treatment options because it improves function and quality of life independent of drug therapy.2  Different rehabilitation programs have been shown to create lasting improvements in fatigue, strength, muscle spasticity, pain, self-performance, independence, and quality of life.3-5  In fact, home-based management programs have been shown to produce equal or superior results compared to inpatient programs while simultaneously achieving cost savings.5 

Patient and Caregiver Training:

As the challenges presented by multiple sclerosis change over time, Pulse nurses and therapists can provide new training in home modification, equipment, and compensatory techniques that can preserve patient ability and safety.  An in-home equipment assessment can ensure that your patients have the most appropriate pressure relieving devices, specialized beds, transfer devices such as lifts, wheelchair upgrades, home accessibility services, etc.  Where appropriate, nurses can teach important care issues such as skin care and transfer techniques.  Therapists can teach compensatory techniques for fatigue, vision loss, memory loss, loss of sensation, etc. 

Skilled Nursing Services:

In various situations, skilled nursing services can provide patient and family peace of mind and convenience.  Research suggests that home-infusion for MS relapses is safe for appropriately screened patients, and 98% of patients prefer home infusion after they have experienced it once.6   Pulse can coordinate your home infusion pharmacy services and provide home infusion nursing for MS patients.  In cases of infection, flu, pneumonia or other conditions where there is a likelihood of hospitalization, Pulse nursing services may be useful for patient monitoring, assessing respiratory wellness, 24-hour on-call service, collecting lab specimen such as urine samples, etc. 

When to Consider Pulse Home Health Care:

Signs that a new home health episode from Pulse may be appropriate include new symptoms such as dysarthria, hypophonia, or increased pain.  New conditions with a likelihood of worsening or causing hospitalization such as fever, flu, and pneumonia may indicate a need for Pulse nursing.  Finally, new challenges due to MS may indicate the need for a home health episode (e.g. a recent fall injury, a pressure ulcer, suspected cognitive decline, recent hospitalization, newly increased need for assistance with ADLs, etc).

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